How to Deal with Social Studies

The concept of social studies is used in many countries worldwide. It can be taught from kindergarten to high school. This fact proves both its importance and ability to be adapted to different age and development levels.

Social studies provide useful information and knowledge. To teach students how to be thinking, active, and responsible is the main task of social studies. It also teaches them to think of societal and global concerns through the use of technology, literature, and other resources.

Social studies are systematic and integrated learning of different aspects of humanitarian and social sciences; mostly, these includes geography, economics, law, political science, etc. It is the study of individuals and how they interact with each other and their surroundings. You will like social studies if you like to study people, their behavior and attitudes, their culture.

How to Choose a Social Studies Topic

There are a lot of subjects that may be called social sciences. When you need to choose a social studies topic, you should choose the one that is most interesting to you. Below you will find 102 social studies topics to choose something:

  1. Describe the peculiarities in the beliefs of South and North America.
  2. What are the strategies to prevent crimes in teenagers?
  3. Prove by examples from real life that justice exists.
  4. What are the most frequent reasons for wars in the world?
  5. What effects have a war upon the country and upon its people?
  6. What are the differences between liberalism and totalitarianism?
  7. Describe the music of African countries.
  8. Teenage’ delinquency.
  9. How is wealth distributed in the world?
  10. What should people do when resources get scarce?
  11. Should advertising be left without censorship?
  12. Does feminism influence children? Provide several vivid examples from real life.
  13. Does urbanization and living in the city lead to the loss of customs and traditions?
  14. Should intercultural communication occur? Will it affect local culture?
  15. Do we need to prevent culture shock?
  16. Discuss Aztecs’ art.
  17. The tribes of Amazon cultural legacy.
  18. How do different ethnic groups co-exist in an empire?
  19. What is called “cultural assimilation”? What benefits and drawbacks does it have?
  20. How do languages enrich themselves in modern times?
  21. Why does one culture become dominant over another?
  22. Why is the political system in the US is a two-party?
  23. Is the level of democracy in the world rising or dropping?
  24. What is the cycle of a totalitarian regime?
  25. According to surveys, people in the West began to get disappointed in democracy. What are the obvious causes of it?
  26. How can citizen express their disobedience?
  27. What role can social media play in protests organization?
  28. Why is control over mass-media is considered to be one of the ways to guarantee stability and peace?
  29. What is the role of black PR in elections?
  30. Are there any societies that have matriarchal?
  31. Do you like the idea of redefining the social roles of women and men? Corroborate your point of view.
  32. How do mass-media help women to fight for their rights in third-world countries?
  33. Can it be necessary to hire a person of a certain gender? Give examples.
  34. What are the main characteristics of an egalitarian society?
  35. What gender can endure stress better? Can it influence hiring an employee?
  36. What are the differences in the number of social networks accounts of men and women?
  37. How do suicide attempts and suicide completion rates differ between genders?
  38. How is happiness defined by men and women?
  39. Are there any common elements between the traditions of various religions?
  40. How did the Egyptian religion influence other religions?
  41. What are the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity?
  42. What is the influence of Buddhism on every day of a Buddhist?
  43. In what societies of the world does religion have a strong influence?
  44. Discuss the pros and cons of a religious society?
  45. How is Jihad can be misinterpreted?
  46. Can a person combine conservative and contemporary views in his/her life?
  47. How can we make a religious dialogue more constructive?
  48. Is there any correlation between society’s religiosity and suicide rate?
  49. How does the ability to master fire influence the early development of human society?
  50. Was there any interaction between Neanderthal and Homo sapiens?
  51. From what time were the first human settlements dated?
  52. The ability to deal with abstract notions is the reason human beings dominate in the world.
  53. How did the quality of life improve with transitioning to agricultural practices?
  54. How did people of ancient cultures bury their dead?
  55. Can we learn anything about first community life from cave drawings?
  56. Discuss marriage ceremonies in different old cultures.
  57. Describe early cultural traits in tribes (including body alteration practices).
  58. What role did the language play in human cooperation in the earliest human society?
  59. There are cognate words in many languages that prove that humans have common linguistic roots?
  60. Can linguistics help in exploring cultural interactions and human migration?
  61. Can common roots for Indo-European languages be proved?
  62. Does word order in a sentence play a certain role in the style of interaction in a linguistic group?
  63. What are the similarities in grammar among different European languages?
  64. Give examples of how the English neologisms from the sphere of technology get into other languages.
  65. Why does protectionism against English neologisms appear in other languages?
  66. What widespread words are an indicator of globalization?
  67. What effects does the erasure of linguistic identity have on communities?
  68. Do international trade agreements lead to trade protectionism?
  69. How does NAFTA affect Mexican wheat producers?
  70. What benefits does alternative energy offer to contemporary society?
  71. Does tourism flourish because of lowering ticket costs?
  72. Can resource depletion happen, and what resources are especially scarce?
  73. How should multinational corporations pay taxes?
  74. How do offshores and worldwide corruption correlate?
  75. What damage to the global economy does global warming bring?
  76. Ways to solve the problem of national debt for countries all through the world.
  77. What is the minimum age of criminal responsibility in different countries?
  78. The growth of juvenile crime rates is one of the major problems of many countries.
  79. What circumstances can absolve from legal responsibility?
  80. Is the use of the death penalty justified?
  81. Should additional laws be written for computer-controlled cars?
  82. Are laws that regulate the use of drones in a case of privacy violation?
  83. Should the environment be protected by the law more extensively?
  84. Should the guns for common citizens be prohibited by the law?
  85. How can people with opposing views find common ground?
  86. Steps to settle a conflict.
  87. What are the main types of conflict and how to resolve them?
  88. How to prevent a conflict or solve it at an early stage?
  89. When are negotiation rules fair or unfair?
  90. Who are anti-vaxers, and why did this movement appear?
  91. Why is to find a compromise is an essential way to resolve a stuck negotiation?
  92. The ultimate form of conflict within the country is a civil war.
  93. Why does climate change denial happen?
  94. Does the caste system still function in India?
  95. When will the feminist movement be considered finished?
  96. Is youth culture the same in different countries of the world?
  97. How does consumerism influence society?
  98. Do social media influence people’s self-esteem?
  99. Can social media have depressing effects on users?
  100. How should disabled individuals be portrayed in mass-media?
  101. How does poverty influence the image of the country?
  102. What are parenting styles in families from various social classes?