Improve Your Presentation Skills: Best Topics Are Here

The need to establish relations is substantial for the modern business and academic world. We benefit from the skills in communicating with others. People interact with each other; they share valuable experience and information through conversations. Thus, your personal success can be dependent upon your communication skills and the ability to win your interlocutors over. Therefore, you have to possess a gift of the gab to persuade others so that they listen to what you consider right.

Presentation skills will help you prove yourself and your indispensability in the area. The fact is that even with little knowledge of the subject you can win a race if you know how to present and express your thoughts and ideas correctly. That is why presentation skills training in universities has to be implemented and performed.

Students are ardent job seekers. They do not want to miss the opportunity to apply for a position. So, that is why universities should treat this issue properly and enable their students to develop communication and presentation skills for their own good.

If you know your strengths and are aware of how to show it, the employers will surely opt for your candidacy. The company will see how it can fit your bright personality into their routine.

Pervasive Issue for Students

Academic presentation is an amusing task that probably each of us encountered during the studying process. Basically, you have to choose a topic, unless your professor gave no recommendations of the kind. Then, you need to conduct some kind of research and look for the information. When the carcass is built, and the accurate data is collected, you need to perform what you found with the help of PowerPoint. Thus, that’s the case where creativity starts.

Academic presentations can pose an inconvenience for some students or even be challenging for them. The presentations presuppose a live performance in front of the audience. Thus, bright pictures framed prettily cannot provide you with a victorious show. Communication skills are what can ensure your success.

This undertaking is loved by proactive students who are eager to present their ideas and share knowledge with the class. However, the shy ones struggle a lot when it comes to performance activities. The reason is that talking to a group of people is always a demanding task. It requires practice, as you have to admire them not merely with plain facts, but with your personal charm as well. Life will force you to have your voice heard, so why not try firstly in a less tense classroom atmosphere and beat the fear forever. It will make your career path easier and smoother.

How to Draw Attention to the Topic

To have your listeners engaged in the conversation you need to be interesting for them. Thus, a good and up-to-the-point topic is necessary for a good presentation. There are two main options to choose an appropriate topic. Firstly, you have to define the target audience and adjust the core message to their needs or preferences. For example, if you are giving a speech to your classmates, your major in-school subject matter has to constitute your main concern. Thus, the listeners will be attentive expecting to find your presentation useful.

Secondly, you can deviate from the curriculum matters and refocus your attention on different things. For example, you can set aside education matters and stay focused on the challenges that are on agenda today. It will still be beneficial for the listeners and not interfere with the educational process.

However, you can never forget about the relevance of the topic discussed. Some of the issues can be inappropriate for the situation or the listeners. Therefore, think twice before choosing a presentation topic for a speech. You do not want to cause hype or raise a controversial discussion that is not to the point.

It is better to opt for less harmful but still catchy presentation topics to keep the audience concerned. Not to fail, the preparation part should be done in advance.

It’s Time to Choose a Topic

Study the following sections and make your choice.

Business area

  • How do mentors help the pioneers in the field of the business world?
  • The technology is developing rapidly and the issue of copyright protection stays somewhere behind.
  • The lack of office workers: this and other effects caused by the popularity of freelance.
  • Work less, but harder: how to maximize productivity in the workplace?
  • Living in a constant rat race: how to decrease pressure while making your way in the sun?

Academic life

  • Remote education: a convenient way of studying or extra vacation time for students?
  • High education abroad: is it worth leaving the country?
  • How does social media interfere with the educational process, especially among children?
  • Free education: how can students be granted for their top-notch knowledge?
  • The differences between systems of education around the world: the most and least beneficial places to apply to the university.

Simple topics for a brief speech

  • Long-life learning: what is it?
  • Best recipes for an evening party.
  • How to ask for wage increase in a polite but still persuasive way?
  • Growing vegetables on a balcony: create your own garden.
  • The use of the Internet within the school: students have their voice.

Relationships within a family

  • Who can be a role model for children in the family?
  • What values should parents install in their children?
  • Grandparents and the role they play in our childhood.
  • How do children respond to divorce?
  • How to make children listen voluntarily to what their parents say?


  • How are modern songs created?
  • Postmodernism exhibitions: is there a place for real art?
  • How to choose a musical instrument to be happy with?
  • Can art convey the same message when money is on the horizon?
  • Should we acquaint small children modern art heritage?


  • The exact amount of meals per day: how to calculate it properly?
  • Is healthy food choice expensive?
  • Can diets constitute a trend?
  • Our skin consists of what we eat.
  • Can children choose a meat-free diet and should parents encourage their choice?


  • Fight insomnia easily.
  • Can we justify cosmetic surgery somehow?
  • Is there any real benefit from biohacking?
  • Why don’t you need to be a workaholic?
  • Is there any medicinal effect of the supplements use?

Structure Your Presentation Properly

If you think that a good presentation topic is enough, it is not! The speech should be coherent to draw attention. You can’t mess up with the ideas and get things mixed up. It will not impress the listeners.

  • Introduce yourself

Even if the audience is familiar with who you are, starting your speech without a proper self-introduction would be considered as boorishness.

  • Proceed with the first statement

Don’t overload the listeners with a host of information. For starters, introduce the topic and mention the difficulties you encountered while researching.

  • Main part

This is time to tell the story. Divide your speech into major parts and present each idea thoroughly.

  • Conclusion

Drawing conclusions can be confusing without preparation. Thus, it is better to have the main conclusive points done beforehand.

Tips to Enhance the Speech

Your presentation can be an improvident performance with the speech designed on the spot. However, it can never ensure your success as you never know where the trap is. Thus, to be sure everything will go smooth, try to prepare in advance.

These prompts can help you achieve better results.

  • An intriguing topic

This is a sticking point in your presentation. You will surely fail if the information does not fit in the general atmosphere of the event. The listeners will be indifferent to what you say. Thus, an alluring and somewhat provocative topic has to be found.

  • Proof your speech

In the spoken language you have to resort to statistics, so the listeners can believe what you say. However, when there is a huge screen, it is better to include vivid and illustrative diagrams or graphs. It is eye-catchy, so it will work.

  • Smooth text flow

When presenting the findings, you will approach different sides of the question. For your speech to be coherent, try to move from one idea to another using transitive links.

  • Exemplify

Not only the picture, but your speech should be illustrative. Thus, choose facts that will give your audience a clear picture of the subject.