Political Science Research Paper Topics for Every Student

Sooner or later, every student has to face writing assignments. They include projects, essays, papers, and many other things some of you can struggle with. Once you are assigned a political science research paper, you have a very wide choice of topics.

But choosing the right one for you that would show your writing and thinking skills the best way is not the easiest task. The choice is really huge, and such a vast number of topics confuse lots of students.

The problem is that when it comes to political science, you can cover lots of other issues, including population groups and political influence, international relations, the effects and consequences of politics, etc. Choosing a topic is not easy, but it is only half success.

Such a paper requires tons of research work and accuracy. You should also know very well the topic you are writing about. This paper will contain specific features, and you should prepare well to be aware of them too.

We hope that our detailed and step-by-step guide will help you choose a great political science research topic and write an outstanding paper and get the highest grade.

Writing a Political Science Research Paper Step-by-Step

Before you even start working on your paper, you should choose a topic. But as it was mentioned above, doing it isn’t that easy. The topic of your choice should be easy and understandable to you, first of all. Here are some steps you should do when starting to work on your paper:

  • Research. Your task will be to conduct thorough research and analyze the necessary field, as well as prepare a foundation. For that purpose, you can use an annotated bibliography or review to prove your viewpoint;
  • Make notes. We would recommend you to read the source for your research and note down all the key moments. It will help you create the flow of your paper and make it more or less complete;
  • Stick to the structure. Any paper has a specific structure. Your political science paper must have a good introduction, main body, and conclusion;
  • Eye-catching introduction. The introduction is aimed to grab the attention of your reader from the very first line. It will show how important the topic is and be no longer than 10% of the text length;
  • Discuss the problem in your body part. The main body is the longest part of your political science research paper, and here, you should discuss your problem in detail. Present your main arguments in that part and support them with evidence. Make it meaningful;
  • Restate the main argument in your conclusion. This part cannot contain any new arguments or points of view.

Political Science Research Paper Format

Just like any other academic paper, your political science research paper should be written in a certain format. The citation style should correspond to the list of references. It is crucial to present a unique and plagiarism-free paper.

For that purpose, use one of the citation styles – MLA, APA, or Chicago. Your professor should give you clear instructions about what style he or she wants your paper to be written in. But if you didn’t get such guidelines, use one of the three styles. You can check the peculiarities of each style online.

How to Choose the Best Political Science Research Paper Topic?

We hope that now you are aware of the basics of how to write a good political science research paper. But the success of your paper depends not only on your writing or research skills but also on the topic you pick up. Below, you will find some tips on how to choose a great political science research topic for you.

Brainstorm your ideas

Brainstorming all of your ideas is crucial for the success of your paper no matter even what kind of academic writing it is. We recommend writing down everything that comes to your mind. Check out recent academic publications to get inspired. Or browse your class notes to find something interesting. When you have enough ideas, you can narrow your list down and choose the best one.

Your topic should be interesting for you

Writing on something you are well familiar with is crucial. You should have a good idea of what you’re writing about. It is always easier to do good research when you know the concept well. Try to choose a couple of back-up topics in case you don’t find lots of information on the first one.

But keep in mind that choosing a topic you are excited about is extremely important. When you know what you’re writing about, and it is interesting for you, it will be automatically interesting for your reader. You will write on that topic in an exciting manner and grab the attention of your reader easily. Your audience should by no means be bored.

Modify it when necessary

If you need it, modify the topic according to your needs. You might need it while doing your research to create a good statement. Try to note everything down, and after that, create an outline. Before finalizing your draft, keep doing your research and add as many details to your outline as possible.

Choose only credible sources

You can rely only on reputable sources when doing research. They may include academic journals and publications, PDF files, credible online databases, textbooks, etc. Try to find credible research on the topic similar to yours and use it as a sample for your work.

Do’s And Don’ts for Political Science Research Papers

When working on your paper, it is crucial to avoid some things as well as it is necessary to do certain things. So, here are the things you should always pay attention to:

  • Include your counter argument or the opposite viewpoint before your conclusion;
  • Support all facts with credible sources;
  • Use data, charts, and statistics to support your viewpoint;
  • Conduct research on similar works;
  • Include one idea in one separate paragraph.

Also, when working on your political science research paper, try to avoid the following:

  • Writing on sensitive topics;
  • Using harsh tone;
  • Describing an issue from one side only;
  • Being biased. Instead, remain neutral always when talking of political parties;
  • Using extensive quoting;
  • Using slang and colloquial language.

Top Political Science Research Paper Topics by Categories

Below, you will find some great ideas of political science research paper topics to use them as your own or just get inspired and write an outstanding paper. For your convenience, they are divided into several categories. Don’t hesitate to make one of them yours.

Political science research paper topics on international relations

  1. International relations history.
  2. Liberalism vs idealism.
  3. Analysis of foreign policy.
  4. Globalization and its influence on developing countries.
  5. Deterrence Theory.
  6. Latin American development.
  7. International conflicts.
  8. The future system of international relations.
  9. Hybrid wars and their influence on international relations.
  10. International environmental politics.

Political science research paper topics on American politics

  1. American immigration politics.
  2. Political campaigns: quantitative research.
  3. Media vs politics.
  4. Political parties of the USA.
  5. American political socialization.
  6. Pluralism and interest groups.
  7. American religion vs politics.
  8. Is there cultural pressure between Japan and the USA?
  9. The causes of the American Revolution.
  10. Education and Republican traditions.

Political science research paper topics on Public administration

  1. Ethics of non-profit organizations.
  2. Fiscal management and strategic planning.
  3. Public safety.
  4. Private sector innovations in the USA.
  5. Compromises of environmental management.
  6. Civic responsibilities.
  7. The USA meritocracy myth.
  8. Administrative policy-making groups.
  9. Corporate vs government bureaucracies.
  10. Public officials and the principal-agent issue.

General political science research paper topics 

  1. Race and ethnicity as a major factor of American politics.
  2. Experimental research vs survey-based research in the modern political science world.
  3. Is it possible to achieve a balance of power in today’s politics?
  4. The theory of political science.
  5. Should the United States focus on pursuing global trade agreements?
  6. Civil rights movement in the USA.
  7. The impact of technologies on the voting process in the United States.
  8. The models of democracy.
  9. The most influential political figure of the 21st century.
  10. The pros and cons of the political system in my country.