The List of Opinion Essay Topics for an Outstanding Paper

Opinion essays are common assignments for students during their studies. And the good news is that you should not be afraid of it as of some research paper while opinion essay topics should be simple and precise.

For you, it means that you should not process tons of information and conduct lots of research. However, since an opinion essay is one of the academic papers, you will still need to research your topic at least a bit because, like any other academic work, it requires supporting your statements with credible evidence.

But don’t worry, our step-by-step guide will help you not only choose a great topic for your opinion essay but also provide you with some writing tips.

How to Choose an Opinion Essay Topic

It seems that there is nothing easier than picking your topic. But why then students struggle with that simple task so much? The problem is that there are so many topics that students simply get lost. They often make a common mistake when choosing a too wide topic to write on.

Below, you will find some helpful tips on how to choose a great opinion essay topic and impress your professor.

It should be interesting for you

If you are a newbie in essay writing, no matter what kind of paper you write, always choose something you are passionate about. When you choose a topic, you personally don’t like, your readers will not like it either.

So once you think of what you should write about, choose a topic that is interesting and exciting for you, so your reader would get excited about it too. If you don’t want your audience to get bored or confused, choose a subject you know pretty well.

Your opinion should be strong

If you want to ensure your work to be interesting and convincing, you should show a very strong opinion on the topic. If you have chosen something you are not very sure about, be ready to fail because no one will believe you. So, you have to be passionate about your topic and have a strong viewpoint on it.

It should be narrow

One of the most common mistakes made by students is choosing a very broad subject. It means that you will have to write about everything and nothing at once. Try not to spread your attention to different aspects of the topic.

Once you have chosen it, think whether it is narrow enough. If it is not, narrow it down. Choose just one special question you are going to discuss in your paper. This way, your paper will have a logical order, will be written in a good flow, and will be easy to read.

Research on the topic

Yes, even before you choose the final topic, you should conduct some research. The problem is all your facts and viewpoints have to be supported by evidence. And if there is no credible evidence, it is a failure.

So before starting to work on the chosen topic, make sure there are enough sources for supporting your statement. If you find no reliable sources, no recent research, or academic works on that topic, better switch to another one.

Opinion Essay Structure

An opinion essay supposes you to express your thoughts on a particular topic. And nothing seems to be easier than just expressing your opinion on something. But don’t relax so soon. When it comes to opinion essays, you should not only express your opinion on the issue under discussion but look at the issue from different points of view.

Your task is to regard every aspect of the topic under discussion, then give your point of view, and confirm it with some strong arguments. Before starting to write the final draft of your opinion essay, we recommend creating a strong outline. It should contain:

  • In the introductory part, you should make the reader acquainted with the issue described in your paper. It should not be too long but take only 10-15% of your paper. We recommend writing it after you finish the main body to create a strong statement;
  • Body part. This is the main part of your paper, and it should contain your opinion and ability to argue about it very confidently. It is crucial to provide an opposite opinion too. Your reader should clearly understand why you do not support that point of view.
  • Here you can restate your viewpoint and summarize everything mentioned previously. But make sure not to add any new information or statements in this part.

Opinion Essay Writing Tips

Now, as you know how to choose your topic, follow these tips to write a high-quality opinion essay that would bring you an excellent grade:

  1. Follow the essay structure. An opinion essay has a very clear structure, like any other academic paper, and you should always stick to it. This way, your essay will flow logically.
  2. Create an outline. A good outline is the half success of your essay, no matter what type it is. Use just short theses to write your thoughts and ideas down. It doesn’t take much time but helps a lot.
  3. Be ready for any topic. If you are assigned a specific topic by your teacher and cannot choose your own, don’t get upset. You should prepare for any topic and show not only your writing but also thinking skills. Thus, try to read different topics beforehand.
  4. Stick to a particular style. Avoid using abbreviations, slang, harsh, and colloquial language. Your essay should be semi-formal or formal, even if it is expressing your opinion.
  5. Use reliable evidence. Each of your thoughts should be supported with credible sources, such as statistics, charts, official data, researches, etc.
  6. Proofread it. Make sure your essay doesn’t contain any grammar, punctuation mistakes, or typos. Read it at least twice to improve.

Top Opinion Essay Topics

Below, you will find different topics for your opinion essay. They are grouped by categories for your convenience. We hope they will help you choose a great topic for your essay or at least get inspired and come up with some exciting ideas.

School opinion essay topics 

  1. Are cats friendlier than dogs?
  2. How to deal with school bullying?
  3. Describe your dream vacation.
  4. Why you should not be afraid of the dark.
  5. My favorite video game.
  6. What I would do if I had a superpower.
  7. As a girl, I really like…
  8. How to improve my school.
  9. How to keep peace in my home town.
  10. What if I was the only person on Earth?

High school opinion essay topics

  1. Should children be allowed to use cellphones during classes?
  2. What is success for me?
  3. How do social media influence teens?
  4. My favorite celebrity and why I like him/her.
  5. Modern TV series and its role in our lives.
  6. What values do social media render?
  7. Is it necessary to ban smoking in public places?
  8. Music and foul language: should it be banned in songs?
  9. What additional school lesson I would love to launch?
  10. E-learning vs textbooks.

College opinion essay topics

  1. Is it true that college professors are biased?
  2. Should safety on campus be increased?
  3. Should classic books be accessible to everyone?
  4. Should public transport be free in cities?
  5. Students’ image and volunteering.
  6. Private tutoring services vs college education.
  7. Individual studying vs group studying.
  8. Should we sometimes do things we don’t enjoy?
  9. Why do we attend college?
  10. Does purchasing essays online have something to do with academic cheating?