Motivational Speech Topics, Main Idea

A motivational speech is a speech that contains a positive and inspiring message. Most frequently, this message suggests to the listeners to implement or improve something in their life. Sometimes the message is about changing something in their society or environment.

A motivational speech may be short or long. To know how to deliver an inspirational speech is significant for some categories of people. For example, students may require this skill, as they might need to motivate people during their future work hours. A motivational speech can motivate you to change something in yourself or help people around you. Such speeches motivate you for everyday little changes that can lead to positive changes in society in general.

To deliver a top-notch speech, you need to know the structure of an effective motivational speech.

The Structure of a Motivational Speech

The topic of a motivational speech doesn’t influence the structure of the speech.

Typically, you should begin such a speech from either interesting or important information to grab the attention of the listeners. After that, you should present your point of view or offer an argument. Support everything with examples from real life.

At the end of the speech, you should encourage your listeners to do something to reach a positive transformation.

What Is a Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

A technique to persuade the listener which is suitable for different motivational speeches with a persuasive component. This persuasive technique contains five main elements:

  • Catch the listener’s attention. You can do that by telling a story, using a well-known quotation or humor.
  • Illustrate the listener’s need. To do this, you will need to prove and convince that your listeners have a problem to be solved or a need that requires them to take some steps.
  • Satisfy the listener’s need. Offer one or several solutions that can help your listeners.
  • Visualize the listener’s future. You should depict two scenarios in detail, what would happen if your listeners take action, and what would happen if not.
  • Induce action in the listener. Offer your listener to use a step-by-solution.

Now that you’ve got an idea about the structure of a motivational speech, you may get down to writing it. Here are 100 topics for you to choose a topic that interests you most:

Motivational speech topics.

  1. An incident that has changed my life and leads me to success.
  2. How living a simple life may improve the quality of your life?
  3. How to start living beyond your wildest dreams today?
  4. How can positive thinking help to build happiness?
  5. What drastic changes can be achieved by positive thinking almost immediately?
  6. How to do positive thinking about your everyday habit?
  7. Use the habits of a successful person to change your life.
  8. Patience and positive thinking are the two things that can greatly transform your life.
  9. How can technology help us in improving ourselves?
  10. What changes can small acts of gratefulness bring to a person’s?
  11. How to pursue your aspirations?
  12. How to build self-confidence step-by-step?
  13. How to keep your apartment always tidy?
  14. How to start living a worry-free life?
  15. How can you gain control of your everyday life with the help of motivation? Ten simple steps.
  16. How to get out of the rut and build your destiny?
  17. How simple everyday changes help to shape your life?
  18. How to shape desirable habits?
  19. How can habits form your life?
  20. How to start believing in yourself?
  21. Make a 30-day plan to improve your life.
  22. How can your hobbies become your source of income?
  23. Reading inspirational books can help you to start a new life.
  24. How to become a good example for your child?
  25. How can helping others improve your life?
  26. How to form a decision-making skill and what impact it can have upon your life?
  27. How being kind to others helps improving your life?
  28. Why is it important for a successful person to stay healthy?
  29. How can you begin living a healthy life today?
  30. The book that has totally transformed my life.
  31. How to avoid negative thinking, and why is it vital?
  32. How staying active improves the quality of your life?
  33. How does physical activity help to change your life?
  34. Why is patience a significant quality in reaching your goals?
  35. The significance of sincere communication for a family.
  36. The significance of setting personal goals.
  37. Successful persons that rose from the ashes.
  38. How to work hard and dream big?
  39. How being environmentally conscious can change your life?
  40. How setting inspiring but realistic goals can change your life?
  41. How can you achieve to live your life to the fullest?
  42. Why the ability of independent thinking important?
  43. Ways you can get inspired in everyday life.
  44. How to stay effective and vigorous all day?
  45. Why is it important to promote a healthy lifestyle?
  46. How can the right diet change your life?
  47. How to stay concentrated throughout the day?
  48. What is work ethic, and how to adhere to it?
  49. How to cultivate being courageous?
  50. Why is it important to get out of the comfort zone?
  51. How getting of the comfort zone stimulates the achievements of a person?
  52. Why is whole-person development essential? How can it help in difficult situations?
  53. How can a frugal way of living assist you in attaining your dreams?
  54. How can you learn to be a more generous person?
  55. What does it mean to live the life of a minimalist, and how can it assist you in attaining your goals?
  56. How can you start helping others, and what do you need to do for that?
  57. What should you change in yourself to become the best version of yourself?
  58. How can feedback from your customers help to grow your business?
  59. What does work ethic include, and how can it encourage your whole-person development?
  60. How to set personal development goals that will help you to improve your lifespan?
  61. How can you stay focused on improving your work achievements?
  62. How can you use dieting to make improvements in your life?
  63. How can art and nature inspire us?
  64. You are setting strategic goals for the development of your business.
  65. Why being in a positive mood improves your stamina?
  66. What results does stay positive bring in your personal life?
  67. How to leave a conscious life?
  68. What steps you have to take for your personal growth?
  69. How can you reprogram yourself with positive thinking?
  70. How can being proactive help you in reaching your goals?
  71. How can you train your discipline?
  72. The significance of personal experience for a person’s success.
  73. Why should you ban too much negative information from your life?
  74. In what way can you develop the ability to stay focused?
  75. What are the benefits of being able to protect your standpoint?
  76. How to make your work compelling?
  77. Why is it important to be able to wait?
  78. How to plan your time sagaciously?
  79. Why is it important to control where your time goes?
  80. How to plan your day to have time for everything?
  81. How can a teacher motivate children in the classroom?
  82. How can you stay motivated during your work and spare time?
  83. How should you distribute your time between work and leisure effectively?
  84. What are natural alternatives to botox injections?
  85. What are the methods to prevent depression?
  86. How can lowering your weight make you feel more self-assured?
  87. How to start a new career at mid-life?
  88. How can you motivate your children to study better at school?
  89. Why is it essential to be happy with what you have?
  90. How to keep your motivation while reaching the life of your dreams?
  91. How to motivate people to go in for sports?
  92. How can you learn to protect your boundaries, and why is it significant?
  93. How do you improve your concentration skills, and why is it essential?
  94. How to make a list of your everyday goals?
  95. What are the ways you can save more time?
  96. Why is it important to establish priorities in your tasks?
  97. Why is it important to use your talents and not to conceal them from others?
  98. How to develop self-awareness, and why is it important to live a conscious life?
  99. How can you begin to live a well-balanced life today?
  100. How reading helps to broaden your horizons?