How to Write an Autobiography Easily?

Students face various writing assignments all the time. An autobiography essay is one of them. Every essay type has its structure and requirements. Quite often, students struggle with the choice of the proper topic for their essay.

In an autobiography essay, you should not struggle with all that while you clearly know what you are going to write about. Why then students still consider it to be so tough to write about yourself?

The main issue is that such essays play a huge role in your education and even future career while it is required to write an autobiography as a part of a job application. But don’t worry, below, you will find some brilliant tips on how to write an autobiography quickly and hassle-free.

An Autobiography Definition

An autobiography is an essay requiring you to focus on you, your life, achievements, and experience. Its nature is often a challenge for many students, while for them, it appears much more difficult to focus on themselves and their lives than on some difficult and deep topic.

Here are the main distinguishing features of an autobiography essay:

  • It comes with many applications for colleges, universities, scholarships, contests, and job applications;
  • It is about making a personal statement and telling the reader more about yourself and your personality;
  • It is about giving personal details that cannot be included in your CV or application.

Main Rules for Your Autobiography

An autobiography or a memoir is your own story, not the story of someone else’s life. The latter is called a biography, so make sure to be aware of these two different essays. Each autobiography should be written according to the following rules.

It is logical

You should not write about everything and nothing at once in your autobiography. Don’t confuse your reader with different events from your life. Thus, choose one core idea and make a thesis statement out of it.

All your paper should be written in a logical order. You should combine all the memories into one meaningful entity and present it as a coherent whole. Your readers should not be confused by your thoughts but should clearly understand the flow of your story.

It is interesting

An essay should never be boring, and an autobiography isn’t an exception. Don’t simply state all the facts from your life but make it a real story of your life – interesting, exciting, and full of emotions. You should reveal something that only you can tell your readers something very unique.

It is easy to read

Remember that your autobiography his logical and has its natural flow and clear order? To achieve this, you should stick to the essay structure. It should contain an introduction, body part, and a conclusion like almost every academic paper.

If you want to develop a new idea, we recommend using a new paragraph for it. Also, like in any other academic paper, you should avoid using colloquial or too complicated language. It should be understandable to different readers. Make sure to check it for errors and typos not to spoil the impression.

Writing an Autobiography Step-by-Step

When working on your autobiography, you shouldn’t tell every moment of your life starting from the day you were born and until now enlisting all the steps of your studies, work, etc. You would be required to tell you about a particular situation or experience only.

As a rule, it should be a situation that helped you develop some features of your character, become a better person, or influenced your life somehow. And it is not too difficult to do it. But to do it properly and impress the reader, you should follow simple steps below.


Preparation is an important step for any essay, and we recommend not neglecting it. No matter what is the aim of your autobiography, you should prepare for it. How to prepare:

  • Choose a topic. Deciding what you are going to write about is not as easy as you might think. You should choose a real story from your life that is important to you and shows your personality as much as possible.
  • A topic, you can choose one of your greatest achievements or accomplishments. Telling about a difficult challenge you faced in life is also a good idea;
  • Think of your reader. After choosing a topic, think who is going to read your autobiography. Different readers have different expectations, so it is necessary to define the goal of your paper first, whether it is just a college essay or a job application.
  • You know your goals, and readers start thinking about what you will write about.
  • Don’t use similar sentences but combine different techniques, for example, listing, questioning, freewriting, clustering, etc. It should be interesting to read;
  • Write an outline. Creating a great plan for your autobiography essay is a must, even if you think you know very well what you are going to write about. An outline will help you write an essay faster and arrange all your thoughts properly.


Now, as you have an outline, start writing your paper. Don’t make very long introductions, jump right into your story. Try to grab the attention of your reader with your first sentence. So use something very eye-catching that will intrigue the reader and make him want to keep reading it.

Here are some great writing tips that will make the process easier:

  • Write in the first person always;
  • Make it very detailed by adding as many details as possible for the description of the background;
  • Make it narrow;
  • An autobiography shouldn’t be started with a quote unless it is really essential for your story;
  • The first paragraph should be intriguing;
  • All parts of your autobiography essay should smoothly flow into one another;
  • Your conclusion should be very clear and memorable. It should make your reader think about what you told and leave the track in his/her mind.


The third step is to polish your paper once you have written it. Believe us, the first draft can never be perfect, and even the most diligent students should review their essays a couple of times.

You should check your autobiography for all types of errors and typos. Once you reveal them, improve grammar and punctuation mistakes.

But finding typos and errors is not all yet. Check whether the structure of your essay is correct. If there is no logical order somewhere, improve it also. Check all the details and see whether there are enough of them and whether your text is not boring to read. If there are not enough details, add them.

Try to make your paper outstanding by using specific techniques. For example, you can use some flashbacks to create intrigue. And, of course, never add fake facts but always write the truth. The reader can easily understand when you are yourself or fake. Double-check all the dates not to confuse your reader.

Good Autobiography Topics

  1. Describing my life with a famous quote…
  2. Five adjectives are describing me as a person.
  3. My best childhood memories.
  4. What skills I would like to develop and why.
  5. The most important lesson I have ever learned in my life.
  6. The most memorable date in my life.
  7. The weakness I would love to get rid of.
  8. My relations with my family.
  9. The event that turned my life upside down.
  10. The best job I have ever had.

The list of such topics can be endless; everything depends on you and your life, lessons you have learned, and the challenges you have faced. You can be asked to write on a particular topic and answer a specific question. Or you can think and come up with a good idea to write about.

No matter what topic you pick, just remember to follow our simple steps and tips to write a good autobiography that would be beneficial for your education or even career.