Comparative Essay Writing: How to Start

Most of the students overestimate the difficulty level of such essays. This feeling stems from the lack of clarity and willingness to go into detail. It seems that finding discrepancies and figuring out the similarities of a notion or a process is a hard and time-consuming activity. However, when the necessary information about how the things work is delivered in plain language, compare and contrast essay doesn’t seem like double Dutch.

If the undertaking frightens you and the strict deadline makes you feel quite embarrassed, make sure to look through our guide and take some inspiration from the list of compare and contrast essay topics. It can push you in the right direction and help perform a worthy paper.

Possible Challenges and Ways to Manage Them

Being a student is a real challenge. Sometimes the professors endow their pupils with quite difficult, but interesting tasks. For some of the students, it is a great chance to prove themselves and show their proficiency in the subject. However, there are trainees for whom writing an essay is really a struggle.

Nevertheless, compare and contrast essay is nothing more than just an analysis of the phenomena from different sides and the designation of their similar and distinctive features. When working on the task, you have to bring your critical and creative thinking into the process. Analyzing data can be challenging, only if the scope of the information collected is insufficient. To open up the issue and develop it properly, you have to concentrate not merely on the basic data, but on reflecting your viewpoint and personal understanding of the topic.

If you are fully engaged in the study mode and academic performance is of high importance, you have to treat the assignments of the kind in a responsible manner. Thus, the requirements of the professor must be followed and fulfilled.

You will find prompts and ideas for your compare and contrast essay topics to complete such a common writing task successfully.

Structure: Elaborate Your Way to a Successful Essay

There is a simple formula to get the best grades and achieve praise from the professor. All you need is just carrying out the tasks in accordance with the requirements and garnishing it with your personal creativity.

Whereas the creative part is easier, we will elaborate on the technical part of the essay, i.e. the structure of it, as the text organization is what usually discourages the students mostly. There are for sure other types of tasks to deviate from the established rules. However, this is not an option for the comparative essay, as you can easily get lost trying to figure out the order of the paragraphs and the sequence of information.

This writing task consists of a few basic parts we suggest you get acquainted with before proceeding with the ideas for compare and contrast essay topics.


As in any other introduction part, you need to introduce the topic to the reader. 1 or 2 sentences will ensure at least the cursory information about the subject and help the reader get familiar with what is to be discussed further. To enhance this part and strengthen the first impression of your work, try to reveal the overall picture of the issue. This is the point to designate general similarities and discrepancies of the notion. Thus, your introduction part will include the analysis you managed to do.

DO not treat this part too seriously. Accurate data and plain information about the topic need to be framed somehow. Thus, try to add interesting facts or even moderate puns so the text encourages you to proceed with the reading.

Main part

Now, it is time to brainstorm. When the choice of the topic is made, you need to delve into detail to research the peculiar features of it. Firstly, take something to write on and put down whatever comes to your mind regarding this topic. Then, you should group the ideas into two sections. The first one will describe what distinguishes these notions. The second section will focus on the similarities of the phenomena.

Thus, when you are done with the brainstorming activity, it is time to put those ideas together. To provide the reader with a coherent sequence of the text you need to be consistent in your writing as well. Therefore, divide the main body into the paragraphs and devote each one to a particular matter. For example, in the first paragraph, there is a place for similarities, whereas the next two sections of the text will show why these notions differ from one another.

Note, that each part of the text has to provide the reader with interesting and substantial information. Try to stay on the topic with no or little obscure derogations to ensure the credibility of the text. It can be easily achieved with the help of an outline where the list of ideas is written. Don’t forget to use only relevant and up-to-date sources, so the information can be trusted.


The final part presupposes the summarizing of what was previously said. When concluding the information, you need to look through the text and designate the main points. Moreover, it is necessary to perform the thesis statement differently and explain how you managed to come up with particular findings.

Be attentive and don’t include here any obscure ideas. The conclusion only summarizes, but not introduces the information.

Provocative Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

Sometimes the choice of the topic can be the hardest part of the essay, especially when it is not specified by the professor. Thus, some inspiration is needed, and we have it for your convenience.

Note that these topics are grouped into separate sections so it is easier to find the one that fits you the most.

Political life and Historical discourse

  • The beginning and the end of the 19th century: what shifts does the music art experienced at that time and what influenced the artists mostly?
  • The history tends to spiral: the notion of the greatest wars mankind faced.
  • New times: how did life on open spaces of CIS change after the collapse of the USSR?
  • America’s social life after the Abolition of slavery: did the people changed the pattern of their behavior?
  • South and North America and their political climate in the 21st century.

Contrasting issues

  • Night owls and early risers: general characteristic of their life patterns.
  • Living in a cosmopolitan city or enjoying life in rural areas: which one to choose?
  • Up-to-date variability of cars: do you prefer a convenient or less expensive option?
  • Are you a traditional or online shopping lover?
  • The fast-food industry is winning our hearts rapidly: would you choose to try a new burger in the USA or in England? Why?

Technologies and the Internet

  • Comparative analysis of two major titans of the mobile phone industry: Apple or Samsung products?
  • Share your news with friends using Instagram or Twitter: which social media platform is better?
  • The present-day tendency on the job market: does freelance employment overtake traditional occupation in the office?
  • Printed books versus online readers: which one would you prefer?
  • Online work: would you switch to tablets or stay true to traditional desktop laptops?

Art industry

  • It is time for some entertainment: would you go to watch a comedy with friends or prefer to hit a nerve with a horror movie?
  • Lady Gaga vs Rihanna: whose mark on the show business industry is more vivid?
  • Trilogies or one-piece movies: where does the storyline reveal to its full strength?
  • Wen vs women: who are the best comedians in the history of the film industry?
  • The US most remarkable painters: are they men or women?

Literature discourse

  • The tendency in the scientific literature in Europe vs America in the 20th century.
  • The development of modernism in South and North America: main styles and tendencies.
  • The father of American literature: can anyone compete with the personality of Mark Twain?
  • Present-day literature: do we have some room for high ground or do postmodernism developments come to the fore?

Science and medicine

  • The urge to save our planet: do you use nature-friendly sources of energy or you stick to the conventional power source?
  • Genome editing: people vs animals as the main object of investigation.
  • Ways to cure diseases: modern or traditional ones?
  • Mathematics: is it algebra or geometry that we use more in everyday life?

Now, you are equipped with basic information about the essay structure, and ideas for topics at your disposal. So, a top-notch paper is almost in your pocket.