What Do We Understand Under ‘a Cause and Effect Essay’?

A cause and effect essay are an academic assignment in which you have to analyze the cause and effects of a situation. This essay is one of the easiest to write, but you have to know its several characteristics to do it correctly.

For example, your topic is depression. In this case, you can either describe the possible causes of depression (physical or emotional abuse, the use of certain medications, chemical imbalances in the brain), or you can write about the effects of depression (low serotonin level, sleep and mood disorders).

A Step-by-Step Guide How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Write a list of topics

In some cases, your teacher can assign you a cause and effect essay topic; on others, you will have to choose an appropriate topic yourself. That will be easier to do if you choose one from a few topics. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time writing your own topics, you will find 60 contemporary cause and effect topics from which you can choose a suitable and interesting topic.

Select a topic for you cause and effect topic

After you’ve made a list of topics, it’s time to select the topic that seems most compelling for you. You have to make sure that you know this topic well enough.

Use brainstorming to pick effect or cause

After you’ve selected the topic, it’s time to select what angle you will write it from – the effect or the cause angle. If you are going to write about depression, you can analyze either effects or causes. In case you haven’t decided from what angle to write, you might need to try the following brainstorming method:

Write one list for effects and one for causes:

  • Write all known causes of depression
  • Write about all the effects that depression produces

Now compare these two lists and decide which of them you know better and which will be easier for you to write. That will be the angle you will write your essay from.

Do a research

After you’ve selected the topic and the angle you are going to write from, you need to do research for your essay. Read trusted sources, not unverifiable personal blogs. The more material you read and analyze, the better your paper might be. When you read a lot on the topic, you will discover general trends and find out peculiarities important for it. Later you will use this information in writing your thesis.

Write you thesis statement

Your thesis statement should explain: why is the chosen topic especially significant? For instance, if you are going to write about measures which might prevent depression, your thesis might look like as follows:

Recent scientific reports state that depression rates among teenagers and grown-ups are on the rise. In this light, it’s necessary to take suitable steps to prevent depression.

These sentences explain to the readers why it’s necessary to care about preventing depression and what you can learn from reading your essay.

Write an outline for your essay

The structure of the outline will depend on the guidelines provided to you by the teacher. Usually, such a paper may consist of five paragraphs. In this case, it will include the following:

  • The introduction paragraph, where you present the topic and the thesis statement.
  • The paragraph that contains the idea (1) supporting your thesis statement.
  • The paragraph with the idea (2) that supports the thesis.
  • The paragraph with antithesis that presents the argument of the opposite opinion.
  • The concluding paragraph where you restate the thesis statement and offer suitable ideas for possible future research.

Your assignment might be a free-form paper, as well. In this case, your primary task will be to organize your thoughts and ideas logically.

Write a draft

After you’ve done your research, it will most likely be rather easy for you to write your first draft. You might need to have a day between writing your first and second drafts. It will provide you the necessary time to thoroughly correct possible errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You should also pay attention to the style of your essay; you shouldn’t make it too personal.

A List of Topics for Your Cause and Effect Essay:

  1. How to reach stability in a marriage?
  2. How does poverty influence the level of education of a person?
  3. How does classical music influences health?
  4. Emotional instability as the cause of a divorce
  5. Why might people choose to start a long-distance relationship?
  6. Typical causes of infidelity in a marriage.
  7. The significance of sincerity in a marriage.
  8. How do forest fires influence nature?
  9. How does social media usually affect teenagers?
  10. What is the world-known effects of globalization on our environment?
  11. In what way does obesity influence a person’s life?
  12. Are smartphones useful in a child’s education?
  13. How can cheating during exams be prevented?
  14. Does the advertising of fast food influence the general level of health in society?
  15. What is the cause of a child’s envy?
  16. Does the lack of sleep influence your stamina?
  17. How does the level of education correlate with the crime rate in a social group?
  18. What are the harmful effects of air pollution on human beings nowadays?
  19. What are the causes of language protectionism?
  20. Can bullying become the cause of depression?
  21. Can a child’s emotional instability be a hindrance to the study?
  22. What are the most typical symptoms of overeating?
  23. How does walking every day improves your health?
  24. How to provide the safety of your data?
  25. How does modern technology influence the health of society?
  26. Why some children choose computer games rather than walking?
  27. Copywriting as an additional source of income
  28. Why using the internet is of primary importance for business?
  29. To protect your details over the internet is vital
  30. What is the link between medicine and digital technologies?
  31. In what cases are security systems necessary?
  32. How does the ecology movement influence the economy?
  33. What is the influence of nature on mental health?
  34. How do books change our life for the better?
  35. When do teenagers sometimes like to dress defiantly?
  36. Does social advertising change the community for the better?
  37. What are the measures to improve understanding in a family?
  38. What are the signs of dehydration in a person?
  39. Why are some pets more devoted than human beings?
  40. What is the influence of a low fats diet?
  41. How can we effectively prevent insomnia?
  42. Why do some people want to constantly live in a rural area?
  43. How are strong health and good mood connected?
  44. What food has a positive influence on your brain?
  45. People who read a lot are usually quick-witted and smart
  46. Can comedies make people happier?
  47. What is the long-term effect of global warming upon nature?
  48. Can the skill of writing help students to find an interesting better-paid job in the future?
  49. What is the effect of dieting on the human brain?
  50. Why are people who travel a lot have a broader and more realistic worldview?
  51. How does thinking out of the box influence a child’s results at school?
  52. How does good education improve the chances of success?
  53. What are the implications of a person’s healthy lifestyle?
  54. How can insomnia influence a person’s health?
  55. What symptoms can hormonal changes result in?
  56. How does reading books help to develop empathy?
  57. Movies can transform the way people think.
  58. What negative consequences can overuse Facebook have?
  59. How does a sense of humor influence the overall image of a person?
  60. The use of the internet changed the way people communicate.