Comparative Essay Writing: How to Start

Most of the students overestimate the difficulty level of such essays. This feeling stems from the lack of clarity and willingness to go into detail. It seems that finding discrepancies and figuring out the similarities of a notion or a process is a hard and time-consuming activity. However, when the necessary information about how the things work is delivered in plain language, compare and contrast essay doesn’t seem like double Dutch. If the undertaking frightens you and the strict deadline[…]

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How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay Step by Step

Writing assignments is a common practice for students. Thus, they are familiar with the task, and it poses no particular difficulty for them. However, causal analysis essay can be a tricky challenge even for the experienced and persistent writers. Probably, students are chiefly concerned about the structure and the way the text should be organized. However, content and coherent links between the text parts can be an intricate issue as well. Therefore, students get lost even in the early stages[…]

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